Why Fathers Need to Speak

Rainy Days On a recent Saturday, I was standing in the rain watching my third consecutive hour of youth soccer. My six-year-old daughter’s team was playing. She has wild curly hair that only gets curlier in the rain. This is a good thing, because her field was two fields away from the fence where I… Read More

A Father’s Presence

This post was originally published on February 16, 2021. Over the next few weeks, I will be pressing more into the theme of masculinity and initiation with new articles, but this post from almost a year ago fits in well with the topic I think. I hope you enjoy it. Are you talking to me?… Read More

Blessed Are The Meek

Monsters Inc. It is a confusing time to be a man. The definition of masculinity and what is expected of men seems to be a moving target. Further, Toxic masculinity, is a term we hear everywhere. It implies that there are masculine traits that are inherently bad. This is likely because of terrible actions carried… Read More

Through the Fog

Lessons in Snowmobiling My mom recently reminded me of the time I went for a ride on my uncle’s snowmobile.  My aunt and uncle live in Northern British Columbia and we visited one Christmas when I was a teenager. While I was out riding on the frozen lake, I got disoriented. There was low cloud… Read More


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