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Pitch Perfect There is no feeling like the sweet sting of catching a well thrown baseball in the pocket of the glove.  It is accompanied by a distinct ‘pop’ and usually a knowing nod of the head from the receiver to the thrower.  Baseball is a game I loved as a younger child.  I loved playing it, watching it, and learning about its history.  I loved the stats.  More than all of… Read More

An Intimidating Pass There is a scene in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in which the Fellowship is travelling by boat.  Approaching the border of Gondor, the ancient kingdom of men, they come to The Argonath.  Two huge stone carvings of the ancient kings.  The sentinels serve as a warning to any who would pass that they are entering a great kingdom.  A gate is a simple… Read More

Lofty Aspirations A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of giving a talk on a part of my journey in faith over the past few years.  After the talk was complete, I took a few questions from the members of the group.  I enjoyed all the questions, but one in particular stands out in my memory: “Can you give us 4 or 5 ways that we can act like Jesus in… Read More

Anxious Moments “What happened?” My wife was at home and I was in the car, but she could hear that something wasn’t right.  “Nothing – I just left Home Depot.”  I could sense a sigh of relief from the other end of the phone, but it also came with an understanding.  Home Depot is one of my least favourite places to go.  Not because there is something wrong with the store.  As… Read More

Misplaced Efforts The opening scene in the classic film Happy Gilmore finds the title character desperately trying to make an impression at hockey try-outs for some sort of men’s team.  Happy has desire and aggression and is willing to do anything to impress the coaches.  He only has one problem. Happy can’t skate. It is obvious to everyone except Happy that hockey is not his calling.  He refuses to give up on… Read More

Motorcycle Lessons In a recent episode of the And Sons Podcast, the hosts discuss taking adventure motorcycle lessons.  I do not know much about any kind of motorcycling, adventure or otherwise, but they described a basic tenet explained by their course instructor.  Speed covers a lack of skill.  Going faster can hide deficiencies in handling a bike. Anyone who has ever been on a bicycle understands what happens when you slow down… Read More

Bubble Boy Not long ago, I would have described my life as typical for a married man with kids.  During the day, I worked hard, trying to advance my career.  After work and on weekends, I would spend time with my family.  Once or twice a year, we would go on a vacation.  Throw in the odd night at the bar with some buddies watching hockey, and you have a pretty good… Read More

I did not write last week’s post with the intention of writing a second part, but over the last few days I have found there are several thoughts connected to A Warrior’s Heart that I want to explore with more depth. Our Greatest Asset Having ‘the heart of a lion’ is a trait attributed to athletes who fight through adversity.  They are successful because they refuse to give up.  They do not… Read More

Sweet Science ‘Going out on your shield’ is a term commonly used in boxing and other combat sports.  I have heard it used when a fight is stopped either by the referee or by a fighter’s own corner when it appears the boxer is in danger and no longer able to protect himself.  The losing fighter often laments, “I wish they would have let me go out on my shield.” The phrase… Read More

Wrong Question Through my years as an accounting and finance professional, I have learned there is one question that I should resist the urge to ask before hearing the whole idea.  That said, sometimes I cannot help myself: “How much is this going to cost?” Fortunately, I work with a good friend and colleague who is always waiting with a clever response: “How long is a string?” After I finish rolling my… Read More