The Cedar Life


Weariness I was tired last week. It was a busy and heavy week at work. The kids’ Spring sports are wrapping up, as is school, and life is extremely busy. There were a lot of acute factors that had me feeling worn down, but as I sat with a trusted sage, mentor, and friend on Thursday afternoon and shared how I was feeling, I realized that it was more than just a… Read More

Masculinity is Bestowed Until a few years ago, Masculine Initiation was not a category that I had spent much time thinking about. I used to see things in terms of transactions. I have skills and abilities. I can see that some men are skilled and comfortable in parts of life that I am not. I am compensated for my productivity and output, and I compensate others to do things for me that… Read More

Anxious Moments “What happened?” My wife was at home and I was in the car, but she could hear that something wasn’t right.  “Nothing – I just left Home Depot.”  I could sense a sigh of relief from the other end of the phone, but it also came with an understanding.  Home Depot is one of my least favourite places to go.  Not because there is something wrong with the store.  As… Read More

Misplaced Efforts The opening scene in the classic film Happy Gilmore finds the title character desperately trying to make an impression at hockey try-outs for some sort of men’s team.  Happy has desire and aggression and is willing to do anything to impress the coaches.  He only has one problem. Happy can’t skate. It is obvious to everyone except Happy that hockey is not his calling.  He refuses to give up on… Read More

Current Events The news headlines continue to be dominated by lockdowns, restrictions, case counts, and vaccines.  Those topics also turn up regularly in discussions I have with friends and family.  This is a reality of the time we live in, the continuous news cycle, and a never-ending supply of social media. As we start a new year with hope for a brighter 2021, I find myself wondering, what are we hopeful for? … Read More